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5 Pitfalls Of DIY Divorce


DIY divorce might sound like it will be easier on your budget, and perhaps easier in general. But is this really true? Before you decide on self-representation, check out common pitfalls that can make the total cost (and total frustration) of a DIY divorce quickly add up. Read more

Divorce Horror Story: What If Your Divorce Turned Out to Be Fake?

help for divorce scam victims Like many couples who decide to divorce, Carol and Larry were concerned about the time and cost that would be involved in the process. Married for 13 years with no children, both spouses had full-time jobs, separate retirement accounts, and owned a home together. The split had been mutual and both had already begun dating.

As they looked around at their divorce options, Larry found an interesting ad on Craigslist that promised a legal New Jersey divorce for the flat rate cost of $399. According to the ad, the divorce would be “facilitated” by a local paralegal and was completely legitimate and binding. The website linked to from the ad even showed photos of divorce decrees signed off by a Superior Court Judge.

Move on with their lives for the low cost of a few hundred dollars? Larry and Carol felt like the fates were smiling on them.

They couldn’t have been more wrong. Read more

The 6 Basic Ways to Divorce in New Jersey

The final piece

What is getting divorced in New Jersey really like? Many believe the divorce process involves making their case in “divorce court” with a judge deciding the terms of their settlement. In reality, going through divorce litigation (aka, “going to court”) is but one of six different alternatives available for New Jersey couples seeking to dissolve their marriages. Here’s a look at each available divorce method. Which one is right for your divorce? Read more

You Are Invited to Our LIVE Facebook Family Law Q&A


On the first Tuesday of every month, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC hosts a LIVE Facebook Q&A to answer your questions related to divorce and related family law issues, including child support, child custody, alimony and more. Our next Family Law Tuesday is scheduled for December 2 from 8-9 pm. We cordially invite you to stop by and ask your question(s) during the hour (we’ll be on hand to answer). You are also free to send us questions via private message. We will post your question using only your first name — or keep it anonymous if you wish.

What kinds of questions do others ask? Here’s a sampling from November’s Family Law Tuesday: Read more

Divorce Horror Story: A Do-It-Yourself Divorce Gone Wrong

book with Halloween stories
Like many couples, at some point during their 25 year marriage, Carolyn and Eli drifted apart. When they finally decided to end the marriage, they also decided to divorce without attorneys, instead using do-it-yourself divorce forms one of them found online. What could go wrong by choosing DIY divorce?

Turns out, a lot. Read more

Man Representing Himself Made To Pay Ex-Wife’s Attorney’s Fees

gavelThere are many understandable reasons why individuals decides to represent themselves in a divorce matter or couples decide to forgo legal help for a do-it-yourself divorce. Called representing oneself pro se, individuals and couples who take this route often cite the need and desire to save money and time as the number one reason why they’ve decided to go it alone. Read more