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How To Keep Details Of Your Divorce From Reaching Your Kids’ Ears

keep divorce away from children's ears

When you are divorcing and have children, you want to do everything you can to minimize their stress and ease this time of transition for your family. This starts with shielding your children from conflict that may still be running high between you and your ex.

Are your children being dragged into the middle? Here are 7 steps to keep the adults-only details of your divorce private and off your children’s radar. Read more

How To Let People Know You’re Getting A Divorce

announcing your divorceYou’ve decided to divorce, now you need to decide how to let people know. But what details should you share? With whom? How should you deliver the message? Via e-mail blast? Phone call? In person? Here are some tips for how to spread the news. Read more

Safeguarding Your Privacy in Divorce: Keeping it Offline

privacy in divorce

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We have all seen gory details of peoples’ relationships plastered all over social media. We have witnessed arguments and name-calling on Facebook. Someone always knows someone whose divorce was made even more painful by later-regretted posts, pictures or even hijacked social media accounts. As tempting as it might be in the moment, it is never a good idea to hash out your personal problems or advertise the specifics of your divorce case in public.

So, how do you avoid publicizing your personal struggles with your spouse online? Read more

Divorce And Social Media: Why What You Post Can Come Back to Haunt You

divorce and social media

Your fondness for posting vacation photos on social media platforms may come back to haunt you during a custody battle. At least, that’s what happened to a psychiatrist in New York in 2015. After she and her husband split, she posted Facebook photos of herself enjoying the sights in Italy and Boston. Her husband claimed these pictures were evidence that her traveling schedule kept her away from home too often and that he, the primary caregiver for their 4-year-old son, should be awarded full custody. The judge ruled that the wife’s social media profile should be allowed as evidence and ordered her to release her login information.

This story demonstrates how even the benign use of social media can have potentially devastating consequences in custody proceedings.  With most people having at least some social media footprint, divorce cases like this one are likely to become more frequent in family court. Here are some social media do’s and don’ts to consider when going through divorce. Read more

Study: Is Facebook To Blame For Your Divorce?


It turns out that spending countless hours interacting with online friends can negatively affect your most important real life relationship — the one with your spouse, according to a new Boston University-led study that appears to have found the strongest link yet that Facebook use ups the odds for marital dissatisfaction and divorce. Read more