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7 Ways To Stay Calm During Divorce Disagreements

How to Stay Calm During Divorce Disagreements

Telling someone who is undergoing a divorce — especially one that involves a custody dispute — to stay calm will generally evoke an “easy for you to say” response, perhaps with a few choice invectives thrown in for effect. Of course it’s preferable to stay calm; but how does one do that, exactly? How do you take the high road when your former spouse bad-mouths you, tries to turn your kids against you, gouges you financially, withholds child support, or in extreme cases, is physically violent? Read more

How Do You Know It’s Time To See A Divorce Therapist?

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Not everyone who goes through a divorce will need a therapist. If you don’t share property and children, and you are emotionally resolved about your decision, you may not feel the need for extra support. If you do have children and/or own property together, however, divorce can feel apocalyptic. You may fear losing your home, your financial security, and time with your kids. You may feel unable to keep your fury towards your spouse in check, or you may have sunk into a state of depression. Sound familiar? Here are some signs it may be time to see a therapist who specializes in easing people through divorce transitions. Read more

5 Things NOT to Do When Filing For Divorce

dos and donts on blackboardIf you are considering divorce, you have probably made yourself a lengthy list of all the many “DOs” the divorce process will require of you. But what about the “DONTs” of divorce? Here’s a look at our top five things you either shouldn’t worry about as you file for divorce — or should downright avoid. It might be a good idea to keep a separate list for these: Read more

5 Dirty Tricks Divorcing Spouses Play On Each Other

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For every divorcing couple that commits to making the process of ending their marriage as fair and friendly as possible, there are those vindictive spouses who just can’t resist playing dirty tricks during divorce. What kinds of traps should you be on the lookout for? Here are some underhanded schemes and deceptions that are unfortunately all too common: Read more

5 Silver Linings of Divorce

It’s hoped that every marriage can be mended and saved, but the truth is divorce happens, and almost always for some very serious reasons.

Think the end of a marriage is all downside? This doesn’t have to be true! If your relationship is best labeled as “irretrievably broken,” here are five silver linings you can look forward to now that you have made the decision to divorce. Read more

Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs: What’s On Your Playlist?

Mushy cards. Chocolate-filled hearts. Roses everywhere you look. In case you haven’t been keeping track of the calendar, it’s Valentine’s Day — a day that can inspire dread in anyone going through a divorce. How do you get through 24 hours celebrating love and romance, when your life is filled with anything but? Turn up the music! And we don’t just mean listening to happy tunes (though upbeat music can help). Inspired by Read more

Making Separation & Divorce Easier On The Kids

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Your children mean the world to you, so how do you make sure their emotional needs are being met as you and your spouse make the difficult decision to separate or file for divorce? Of all places, a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed how, even in the most tight-knit of families, special care needs to be taken to make sure children feel loved, safe, and secure. Read more

11 Inspiring Quotes About Divorce

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Inspiring, humorous, and emotional, here is a collection of quotes from authors, celebrities and others about what’s it really like to go through a divorce. Read more

After Divorce, What Do You Do With All Those Wedding Mementos?

Jessica has a hope chest filled with memories from her wedding day to her husband Scott. There are the custom champagne flutes with their names and their wedding date etched on the glass, the unity candle they lit in their service, her dried bouquet, his boutonniere, five photo albums, a video of the ceremony, all the many cards the couple received from loved ones offering their well wishes, and to top it off, her boxed up wedding dress that she paid to have preserved. Read more

Divorce Mediation: 3 Secrets of Successful Negotiation

As divorce mediation grows in popularity among couples trying to save money, time, and the hassle of going to court as they end their marriages, it puts the focus on the kinds of skills needed for this type of divorce process to be successful. Read more