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What Does New Jersey’s New Child Support Termination Law Mean For You?

nj-child-support-age-cut-offIn New Jersey, a new child support termination statute goes into effect on February 1, 2017. The new law dramatically impacts when and how child support orders issued in the state come to an end. Are you a parent who pays child support, or are you the parent who receives it? Here’s what to expect. Read more

When Does Child Support End in New Jersey?

new child support lawPaying child support for your older teen or college-age child, and wonder when your obligation will end? Find out what New Jersey’s new child support age cutoff law, taking effect in February 2017, could mean for you. Read more

My Child Graduated College: Can I Stop Child Support?

teen child support

It’s the first September in a long time that your child is not going back to school. Now that he or she is graduated from college, does this mean that you can stop paying child support? Read more

Christie Signs Child Support Termination Bill

termination of child supportOn January 19, 2016, Governor Christie signed into law a bill that dramatically impacts child support termination presumptions and procedures in New Jersey. The bill, S-1046/A-2721, is substantially similar to the version passed by the Senate in July of 2015, with minor amendments adopted by the Assembly in December.  Read more

NJ Senate Passes Bill to End Child Support Payments at Age 19: How Will This Change Your Order?

child support age cut offWe have been tracking the progress through the New Jersey legislature of Senate bill 1046, which, if passed into law, would cause a major change in termination procedures for New Jersey child support payments. This bill would result in child support payments ending automatically if or when a child marries, dies, enters military service, or reaches the age of 19, unless the child is currently in an out-of-home placement through DCP&P, or unless a court order specifies another date.  On July 23, 2015, the Senate passed this bill by a vote of 31-2. The measure now moves to the Assembly.

While we must caution parents that S-1046 is not yet the law, we also wish to help our clients with current or anticipated child support orders understand exactly how the bill would change the current law, and what it might mean for their own situations. Some of the questions we have heard include the following: Read more

Does The End Of School = The End of Child Support? Not So Fast…

Education costs
Your child has just graduated from high school, or maybe he or she has her 18th birthday coming up. Whatever milestone is within sight, if you are a parent who has paid child support over these last few years, you may be wondering: am I still obligated to provide support once my child is an adult? Read more