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The 5 Worst Pieces Of Divorce Advice For Women

divorce advice As you navigate the twists and turns of divorce, everyone, it seems, has advice they feel the need to share with you. Unfortunately, many of these divorce “tips” often turn out to be nothing more than tricks. Are you in possession of bad divorce advice? Read on for five pieces of the worst divorce guidance women receive. (Men don’t feel left out! We have the worst divorce advice for men just for you.) Read more

What To Do When Your Ex Has A Different Co-Parenting Style

co-parenting Wondering what to do when your ex’s co-parenting style clashes with yours? Worried that your kids will grow up dazed and confused because they have to navigate two sets of rules? Get your finger off the panic button! Even married couples disagree at times on the best way to manage children. Here are some things you can do to create a more positive co-parenting relationship with your ex – even if he or she is not cooperative. Read more

How To Let People Know You’re Getting A Divorce

announcing your divorceYou’ve decided to divorce, now you need to decide how to let people know. But what details should you share? With whom? How should you deliver the message? Via e-mail blast? Phone call? In person? Here are some tips for how to spread the news. Read more

5 Steps to Emotionally Prepare For Divorce

emotionally preparing for divorceDivorce is a life-altering event, so you need a clear head when planning yours. Here are five tips to manage your emotions so you can make sound, long-term legal decisions. Read more

You Don’t Have To Be A Celebrity To Divorce Like A Star!

celebrity divorceWe all heard last week that one of the most famous couples in modern history — Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — are divorcing after spending two years married and over a decade together. Jolie has hired famous divorce attorney to the stars, Laura Wasser to represent her in the divorce. Wasser is known by the moniker, “Disso Queen” by handling marriage dissolutions for some of Hollywood’s most famous. What is notable about Ms. Wasser and her handling of these famous divorces is the lack of publicity the actual legal work gets. For example, she recently represented Johnny Depp in his rather contested divorce from Amber Heard. While that couple was seen daily in the tabloids after the divorce was filed by Heard, the case itself was handled quite quickly and quite quietly by Ms. Wasser.

How does she do it? And how can you have a celebrity divorce like the Hollywood stars, even when you live here in New Jersey? Let’s take a look Read more

Will You Make Any of These Mistakes in Your Divorce?

divorce mistakes

With so much at stake in divorce, tensions can ride high and errors can be easy to make. Are you about to make a misstep? Here are our top 5 divorce mistakes to avoid: Read more

Are Celebrity Divorces in New Jersey Different?

celebrity divorce in new jersey

When we were able to read Chris Rock’s divorce complaint that was filed in New Jersey in December of 2014, there didn’t seem to be novel or groundbreaking issues raised or allegations made. There was standard language regarding the couples’ prenuptial agreement and requests for child custody. While Chris’ allegations that his wife did not let him spend time with the children may seem scandalous in tabloids, this accusation of one parent against the other is made rather routinely in contested divorces that involve children.

What is unique about celebrity divorces in New Jersey is what is unique about all high net worth divorces in the Garden State: the sheer sums of money and the unique forms that assets take, that are at stake in these battles. Of course, press coverage about the couple is prevalent; coverage that 99% of all other divorced couples in New Jersey (even the rich ones) will not face. Read more

Divorce in Haste; Repent at Leisure

deciding to divorceThe old saying goes, “marry in haste; repent at leisure,” meaning, of course, don’t rush into marriage with someone that you do not know very well, or with whom you have not spent a good deal of quality time. In other words, think before you act and take some time making a life changing decision! Deciding to separate from or divorce your spouse is just as significant a choice as getting married was in the first place. As such, jumping into filing for a divorce can become a hasty decision that you regret down the line. Here are some ways to avoid rushing into a divorce that may prove to have dire consequences for you later: Read more

10 Surefire Ways To Have An Apocalyptic Divorce

are you caught in an apocalyptic divorce? Can you really get divorced without the conflict and drama? Yes! Here are the top 10 things NOT to do if you want to avoid an apocalyptic divorce. To help minimize tension don’t… Read more

The Kids Are All Right: How Kids Can Be Stronger And Healthier After Divorce

How Kids Can Be Stronger And Healthier After Divorce
Some miserably married couples stay together for the kids, but the truth is, conflict hurts children more than divorce itself. Read more