NFL Player’s Change of Residence Means NJ Court Can’t Rule in Custody Case

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What happens when two parents/spouses separate in New Jersey and go through the process of having a temporary child support order put in place, but then both move out of state before the child support order can be finalized? According to a recent high profile ruling involving former Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw, a New Jersey family court judge has held that when both parents no longer reside in the state, the Courts are no longer able to modify child support orders. Read more

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Named To List of Best Places to Work in New Jersey

BestPlacesLogo2014We are pleased to announce that Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group has been named to NJBIZ magazine’s list of Best Places to Work in NJ for 2014! It is an honor for our team to be recognized as one of the state’s top 100 workplaces. Read more

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Separation: Deciding Custody of Very Young Children

In Hollywood yesterday, it was announced that singer Robin Thicke and his wife, actress Paula Patton, have decided to separate after nine years of marriage. The couple met and began dating as teenagers. Wed in 2005, the couple have one young child, a son, who is three years old. Read more

Same-Sex Couples in New Jersey: Are Both Divorce and Dissolution Necessary?

Same-sex marriage has been legal in New Jersey since a groundbreaking ruling in October 2013 paved the way for marriage equality. But what about same-sex divorce? As family law attorney Bari Weinberger points out in her new article for the New Jersey Law Journal, some lingering questions and legally ambiguous situations may face some same-sex couples who decide to split up. Read more

Terrell Owens: Two Week Marriage Ends Over Financial Concerns

At the height of his NFL career, professional football player Terrell Owens was worth an estimated $70 million. However, in 2011, Owens told a judge in a Family Court dispute that a series of financial set backs had essentially left him broke. At the time, he was paying $125,000 a month in child support and mortgage payments to the four mothers of his four children.

The latest wrinkle in Terrell Owens’ money problems? A two week marriage that has already ended in claims that “T.O.” was trying to financially defraud new wife Rachel Snider into obtaining a mortgage and putting a down payment on a $2 million home. Read more

Why Hiding Divorce Assets Offshore Not An Option

Off the slopes and away from the rink, the Sochi Winter Olympics features a very fierce battle being waged. However, this race is not for a gold medal, it’s a divorce dispute involving Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin, who is said to have funded the bulk of the Sochi Games and Natalia Potanin, his wife. Read more

NJ Court Says Child’s Interests, Not Accreditation, Decides School Choice

First day of schoolFighting with your former spouse over your child’s education costs? A recent New Jersey Appellate Division court decision may give you some guidance on how a judge might view your dispute. Read more

Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs: What’s On Your Playlist?

Mushy cards. Chocolate-filled hearts. Roses everywhere you look. In case you haven’t been keeping track of the calendar, it’s Valentine’s Day — a day that can inspire dread in anyone going through a divorce. How do you get through 24 hours celebrating love and romance, when your life is filled with anything but? Turn up the music! And we don’t just mean listening to happy tunes (though upbeat music can help). Inspired by Read more

David Cassidy’s Wife Files For Divorce Following Star’s DUI, Alcohol Rehab

Actor David Cassidy and his wife Sue Cassidy, are headed for divorce after Ms. Cassidy filed papers earlier this week seeking to end their marriage of 23 years. The two have an adult child, son Beau, who was born in 1991, and own at least one home in Florida.

Just another in a long line of celebrity divorces? Not quite. Read more

Kids, Sports and Divorce: How Can Co-Parents Support Their Child’s Olympic Dreams?

Olympic champion Michael Phelps was raised by his divorced single mom Debbie; the parents of Apolo Ohno, the most decorated Winter Olympics athlete in history, divorced when their soon-to-be speed skater was just a baby. Believe your child has what it takes to be a future Olympian? Here’s how divorce can affect who foots the bill for coaches, lessons, and equipment — and what you can do to help your child go for the gold, no matter what the state of your marriage. Read more