David Cassidy’s Wife Files For Divorce Following Star’s DUI, Alcohol Rehab

Actor David Cassidy and his wife Sue Cassidy, are headed for divorce after Ms. Cassidy filed papers earlier this week seeking to end their marriage of 23 years. The two have an adult child, son Beau, who was born in 1991, and own at least one home in Florida.

Just another in a long line of celebrity divorces? Not quite. While most Hollywood splits are quickly explained away by citing “irreconcilable differences,” which indeed may be the case, when it comes to the Cassidy’s split, the timing of Sue Cassidy’s decision to file for divorce appears intentional: it comes on the heels of the star’s third DUI arrest and his entrance into rehab for alcohol addiction. Cassidy was arrested in Los Angeles in January and checked into rehab shortly after, where he currently resides. If convicted of this latest count, he could serve jail time.

“I’m glad David is getting the help he needs, and I am confident he will come back better and stronger than ever,” Ms. Cassidy said about the 63-year-old Partridge Family star’s ongoing battle with alcohol abuse.

In New Jersey, a spouse filing for divorce may do so on the grounds of alcohol abuse and “habitual drunkenness.” Addiction to alcohol is legally defined as substance abuse for a period of 12 or more consecutive months immediately preceding the divorce filing. If you choose this ground, you may need to provide evidence of evidence of alcoholism as part of your pleadings.

Is Ms. Cassidy filing on the grounds for divorce on the grounds of alcoholism? While Sue has not confirmed the exact reason why she and David have decided to part ways after more than two decades together, she has stated that filing for divorce was not an overnight decision.

According to the New York Daily News:

“This has been looming for some time,” she said, as the couple has reportedly been living apart for the last four months.

Still, Sue is grief-stricken over the outcome of their longtime relationship.

“I am truly heartbroken that our marriage is ending,” she said.

Mr. Cassidy’s reaction? He is not happy about the public attention. Concerning his wife speaking out, a spokesperson for David told the UK’s MailOnline: ‘It is very sad that Sue chose to take this approach. I have tried to resolve this amicably outside of the public eye.”