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Stepchild Adoption in New Jersey

stepparent and stepchildMarriage in New Jersey does not always mean that you are gaining just a spouse — you could be gaining your spouse’s kids as well! For many reasons, your stepchild or stepchildren’s other biological parent may not be a part of their lives, and as a result, you have, for all intents and purposes, stepped into the shoes of being their full-blown parent, sharing all the responsibilities with your spouse. As time goes on, you may think about formally adopting your step-kids. How can you make this happen? Read more

3 Steps To Stepparent Custody

co-parenting after divorce

In child custody disputes, the courts will always put the best interests of children first in awarding parenting time and legal/physical custody. This usually means dividing a child’s time between their biological or adopted parents. But not always. What can happen when it’s a stepparent who is pursuing custody? Here is the story of one stepfather who gained custody of his stepdaughter and the steps he took to get it. Read more