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U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Case

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In a move that is almost certain to be historic, the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday signaled that it is ready to take on the two-decade legal battle over same-sex marriage. The 12-justice panel agreed to hear cases from Michigan, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee, where state officials are defending laws that limit marriage to a man and a woman. The court will hear arguments in April; a decision is expected by the end of June.

The same-sex marriage debate is one that has ignited passion on both sides, and this latest development has led to many questions about what could change for couples across the nation, including how this could potentially affect gay and lesbian couples who married in New Jersey. To help clear up any potential confusion, here are some answers to questions we’re hearing people ask. Read more

Pennsylvania Follows New Jersey’s Lead In Legalizing Same Sex Marriage

Gay Couple Holding HandsDoes this sound familiar? Earlier this week, a federal judge in Pennsylvania struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, paving the way for gay and lesbian couples to marry in-state, and for out-of-state same-sex marriages to finally be recognized. The ruling echoes a similar court decision made last October in New Jersey legalizing same-sex marriage. Read more

Johnny Weir Marital Split Marks New Jersey’s First High Profile Same-Sex Divorce

Same-sex marriage was legalized in New Jersey in October 2013, but it took until March 2014 for New Jersey’s first high profile same-sex divorce, when Bergen County resident and Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir announced that he and husband, attorney Victor Weir-Voronov, are ending their marriage of just over two years. Read more

Same-Sex Couples in New Jersey: Are Both Divorce and Dissolution Necessary?

Same-sex marriage has been legal in New Jersey since a groundbreaking ruling in October 2013 paved the way for marriage equality. But what about same-sex divorce? As family law attorney Bari Weinberger points out in her new article for the New Jersey Law Journal, some lingering questions and legally ambiguous situations may face some same-sex couples who decide to split up. Read more

NJ Same Sex Marriage Approved to Begin Monday

Update 2: On 10/21, the Christie administration withdrew its appeal of the court ruling allowing same sex marriage in New Jersey.

Update 1: To understand the legal road to gay marriage in New Jersey, read our new article, Status of Same-Sex Marriage in New Jersey.

Same sex marriages in New Jersey can begin this Monday, October 21, the state’s Supreme Court ruled today. Justices on the state’s highest court were unanimous in denying the Christie administration’s request to issue a stay of a lower court ruling allowing gay couples to marry. (The details of the initial ruling can be found here: Judge: Gay Couples in New Jersey Can Marry As Early As October 21). Read more

Should Same-Sex Divorce Cover Pre-Marriage Financial Issues?

Imagine that you lived with your partner and shared finances for 30 years before finally getting married. Then imagine that soon after saying “I do” you decided to get a divorce. What happens to your shared finances? Should only assets gained after the marriage count when you spent decades living, for all intents and purposes, as a married couple? What if during most of those 30 years you lived together the law didn’t allow you to marry? Does that change anything? Read more