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5 Crucial Steps In 5 Days: Your Core Plan For Surviving Your Spouse’s Affair

surviving infidelity Discovering a partner’s infidelity is one of the most excruciating events anyone can endure. While it’s tempting to hyper-focus on getting the cheater into treatment and monitoring his every move, it’s imperative that you – the betrayed spouse – take steps to manage your own emotional fallout.

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Is Your Cheating Spouse A Sex Addict?

Is your spouse a sex addict? When you saw a sexy text message pop up on your husband’s phone, you confronted him. He admitted to having an affair not just with his co-worker, but also with two other women during your 10-year-marriage. He seems genuinely remorseful, has sworn it will never happen again, and has agreed to go to couples therapy. Your friends insist you should divorce him because he’s a sex addict.

But is his behavior a sign of actual addiction? Or was it “just” a case of serial infidelity? What’s the difference? Read more

Caught Cheating: Can You File for Divorce Based On Adultery?

divorcing a cheating spouseYour worst fears have been confirmed: your spouse has been having an extramarital affair. After careful consideration, you know that divorce is the best decision for you. But can you — or should you — file for your divorce based upon the grounds of adultery? Read more

Expert Q&A: Marital Reconciliation After An Affair

Has your marriage been rocked by infidelity? For many couples, the anger, hurt, and sense of betrayal that result from discovering a spouse’s cheating are often insurmountable. For other couples, however, saving the relationship can still be possible — if the couple is willing to fully engage in the process of healing emotional wounds.

Does attempting marital reconciliation make sense for you and your spouse? We asked Dr. Salvatore Benanti, therapist and founder of the The Center For Optimum Living in Kinnelon, NJ, for his expert take on what couples can expect from the reconciliation process. Read more

Divorce & Adultery: Is It Cheating To Have An Emotional Affair?

It started off innocently enough. Amy (name changed), age 39 and married for 10 years, received a friend request on Facebook from Scott, her first “real” boyfriend in college. Read more