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Why Does My Attorney Think I Need A Divorce Therapist?

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If your attorney encourages you to see a divorce therapist, you may balk at the idea. Therapy? You?! But as much as you may want to initially, try not to dismiss this recommendation. Besides helping you feel better, seeing a therapist could actually help you manage your divorce – and keep your legal fees down. Here’s why. Read more

Divorce PTSD And How To Treat It

Post Traumatic Stress DisorderMany people don’t realize that the financial and psychological stress of a bad divorce, especially if it’s ongoing, can cause PTSD. Read more

High Conflict Divorce: 5 Things Your Therapist Can Do To Help

working with therapist in high conflict divorceThe goal of traditional talk therapy is to help clients live and express themselves authentically. When divorcing a high-conflict personality (HCP), however, you need to learn how to be strategic in communicating with your spouse. A therapist who understands how to work with high-conflict divorce can give you the tools to manage your life when your ex is trying to make it unmanageable. Some of these include…  Read more

7 Top Tips For Dealing With Divorce Stress

reducing divorce stressDivorce can be one of the most stressful situations anyone can face. We’ve all met people who seem to wear their divorce on their sleeve. But here’s a tip for you as enter this process: off-loading stress onto others will often push them away, thereby creating even more stress. How do you deal with the hardship of divorce so that it doesn’t consume you? Here are 7 tips to ease you through. Read more

What Can A Divorce Therapist Do For You?

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You’re tired of carrying the weight of your divorce on your shoulders and emotionally, you’re drained. Is is time to see a divorce therapist? Here are four ways counseling can help you get through your divorce with most of your sanity intact, as well as pointers on the type of therapist that may best match your needs. Read more

How Do You Know It’s Time To See A Divorce Therapist?

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Not everyone who goes through a divorce will need a therapist. If you don’t share property and children, and you are emotionally resolved about your decision, you may not feel the need for extra support. If you do have children and/or own property together, however, divorce can feel apocalyptic. You may fear losing your home, your financial security, and time with your kids. You may feel unable to keep your fury towards your spouse in check, or you may have sunk into a state of depression. Sound familiar? Here are some signs it may be time to see a therapist who specializes in easing people through divorce transitions. Read more

How To Find A Divorce Therapist

When you are going through a divorce, it can help to have a trusted person to talk to about the jumbled mix of emotions and feelings you may be experiencing right now. For many, seeing a therapist is beneficial, especially when it comes to getting “over the hump” of divorce. If you have children, seeking therapy — for everyone in the family — is typically recommended as a way for you to begin learning the tools and skills necessary to move forward. Read more