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Divorced Parents: 3 Tips For Navigating College Costs

divorced parents and college tuitionIt is that time of year, again. High school seniors are making final decisions, touring campuses and selecting, once and for all, where they will attend college in the fall. If you and your child’s other parent were married and are still together, this can be a joyous time for all involved. However, if you and your ex are no longer in a relationship, this can quickly become a challenging and frustrating time. What is your obligation for payment of tuition for the next four years? What is your say in these decisions? Read more

Divorced Parents: Can You Withhold Tuition Payments If You Don’t Like Your Child’s College Choice?

college education and divorceHow much sway do divorced parents ordered to share in the cost of their child’s college tuition have over the school the child chooses to attend? A recent court case takes a look.  Read more

Does The End Of School = The End of Child Support? Not So Fast…

Education costs
Your child has just graduated from high school, or maybe he or she has her 18th birthday coming up. Whatever milestone is within sight, if you are a parent who has paid child support over these last few years, you may be wondering: am I still obligated to provide support once my child is an adult? Read more

5 Tips Celebrating Your Child’s Graduation When You’re A Divorced Parent

High school graduation hats highGraduation season is officially here! If your child is one of the thousands of New Jersey high school seniors about to don cap and gown as a member of the class of 2015, emotions may be running high — for both you and your graduate — as your child reaches a true milestone in life. As a divorced parent, it’s normal for some of these emotions to relate to your child’s other parent (your former spouse). Whatever the status of your relationship with your ex, your former spouse’s presence at your child’s graduation may stir up past resentments or magnify currents ones.

What can you do to celebrate your child’s graduation with all the joy and happiness this special moment deserves? Here are five strategies for getting through graduation without letting your ex get in the way.  Read more

New Jersey Court Ruling May Change College Tuition Obligation Rules for Divorced Parents


When the relationship between a divorced parent and their child is a rocky one, is that parent obligated to pay college tuition? This is the question at the center of a precedent-setting court decision issued Friday by Ocean County Superior Court Judge Lawrence Jones. Read more

Saving for College: What Happens to a 529 Plan When You Divorce?

Your children may be too young to even know what career they would like to pursue, let alone know which college they want to attend. But if you and your spouse, like so many other parents, set up a designated 529 college savings plan, a tax-advantaged investment account used to help parents squirrel money away funds to cover the eventual cost a child attending college, you may be wondering what’s going to happen to this money now that you are getting a divorce. Your family’s situation is unique, of course, but here are a few common possibilities for dealing with a 529 plan during a divorce. Read more