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5 Worst Pieces Of Divorce Advice For Men

You’ve shared the news with friends and family that you’re getting divorced…now wait for it…because here comes the advice. Those closest to you are an invaluable source for emotional support during what is often a turbulent time in life. But when it comes to dishing out legal advice? However well-meaning, the tips your divorced friends and family share with you may be woefully outdated, totally irrelevant, or downright wrong. Men can be particularly susceptible to certain myths and half-truths. What pitfalls should you avoid? Check out the five worst pieces of divorce advice for men. Read more

The 5 Worst Pieces Of Divorce Advice For Women

divorce advice As you navigate the twists and turns of divorce, everyone, it seems, has advice they feel the need to share with you. Unfortunately, many of these divorce “tips” often turn out to be nothing more than tricks. Are you in possession of bad divorce advice? Read on for five pieces of the worst divorce guidance women receive. (Men don’t feel left out! We have the worst divorce advice for men just for you.) Read more

5 Truths About Divorce You Need to Know

true Or false on black chalk board

Made the decision to divorce in 2015, or already in the thick of the process? Before you go one step further, here are five important “need to know” truths about getting a divorce in New Jersey. Read more