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Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Top Things People Consider When Leaving A Marriage

deciding to divorceDisagreement is inevitable in a marriage, and a certain amount is healthy. But some differences truly are irreconcilable and no amount of negotiation or couples therapy will save a marriage between two fundamentally incompatible people. Wondering if you should stay or go? Here are some key issues that may help you answer this all important question. Read more

Bari Weinberger Explains January’s Uptick in NJ Divorce Filings

NJ family law attorney Bari Weinberger recently spoke to radio host Kelly Waldron at NJ 101.5 to talk about some of the reasons why January typically sees more couples in New Jersey file for divorce than any month of the year. Read more

Study: Why Are Heavy Drinkers Less Likely to Divorce?

Do drinking and marriage mix? That depends on who’s doing the drinking — and how much — according to a recent study by the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions. Read more

Divorce—A Healing Process? Sometimes, Yes.

There are dozens of books and web pages about how to heal from a divorce. What few people talk about is how a divorce can itself be a healing process. Here are a few circumstances where that might be true — situations where a married couple might actually begin a healing process by splitting up: Read more