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Parenting Time Vs. Visitation: What’s The Difference?

Questions about parenting time?Parents who are separating are often faced with the difficulty of working out custody and determining how, going forward, the children will spend time with each parent now that they are living apart from one another. It is always the goal to work with your ex-partner to determine what plans work best not only for you and your ex, but more importantly, for your children. Children thrive by being with both parents as much as possible, and this makes coming up with workable solutions in everyone’s best interests. Read more

Kids And Divorce: Are You A Psychological Parent?

Are you a psychological parent?There is an interesting theory in New Jersey family law—that of the psychological parent. In today’s world, there are all different types of families. The “blended” family is becoming more and more common since the days of The Brady Bunch. Many moms and dads remarry, creating stepparents and stepchildren; half siblings and stepsiblings. Same-sex couples have children, where one of the couple is the biological parent and the other is not.

When a third person, not the biological mom and dad, takes an active role in the life of a child, he or she can become what is known as a “psychological parent.” Does this describe you? Read more

Which NJ Child Custody Option Is Right For You?

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If you will need to determine child custody as part of your divorce, the number of child custody options available to New Jersey families may seem overwhelming. What exactly is the difference between joint, sole and shared custody? Should you ask for legal custody, physical custody, or both? What about visitation and parenting time?

In New Jersey, it’s the law that custody decisions must be made with the best interest of the child in mind. So what’s best for your child? Here are some factors to weigh in coming up with a custody plan that works for your family. Read more

Wife Forbids Contact With Children After Husband’s Affair

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Luke and Karen have two young children. After discovering Luke was having an affair, Karen informed him that she would be filing for divorce and that he was to pack his bags and leave. Luke moved out, but specifically rented an apartment nearby so he could still be close to the kids. Once he was settled in, Luke called Karen and asked her if the children could spend the weekend with him. Karen told him in no uncertain terms that he was not worthy of seeing his children after what he did to her, and promptly hung up. Karen then refused to take any more of his calls or answer his texts.

Luke had no idea how to proceed or what his rights as a father were. He was aware that couples with children who divorce end up with a child custody order as part of their divorce decree. However, he and Karen were only separated, and it would be some time before their divorce even really began (Karen had yet to serve him with papers). What was he supposed to do in the meantime? Read more