State Judiciary Fee Hike Affects Cost of New Jersey Divorce

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If you are gearing up to get a divorce in New Jersey, be aware that the cost of filing the necessary paperwork just went up.

On Monday, November 17, New Jersey’s State Judiciary enacted rate hikes across 80 of it most common paperwork and filing fees, including increasing the fee for filing for divorce by $50. Across the board, the extra cost to court users is projected to generate more than $42 million a year. According to the Asbury Park Press, the money will be used for implementing bail reform, a digital upgrade for the courts and aid to Legal Services.

“While no one wants to pay more money for government services, the reality is that additional funding is needed to support these important changes,” said Appellate Judge Glenn Grant, acting administrative director of the courts (via

As for what you can expect, the following fees will now be in effect for divorce and family law matters in New Jersey:

– Filing Divorce Complaint (all types): $300; $275 to court 

– Filing First Responsive Pleading in Dissolution Matter: $175

– Motions in Dissolution Matters: $50 

– Order to Show Cause (Dissolution Only) $50 

– Post-disposition Application/Motion in Non-Dissolution Matters $25 

For more information on rate hikes, see the full list of state judiciary fees.