CBS 2: Many Successful Women Now Have No Choice But To Pay ‘Manimony’

Women are now the top income earners in one-third of all marriages. But what does this mean when some of these marriages end in divorce — as an estimated 50 percent of marriages do? As CBS 2 New York reports, more and more women are being forced to pay not only alimony to their former spouses but also child support.

The growing trend is called “manimony” and according to Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC’s managing partner and legal expert, attorney Bari Weinberger, one of the legal experts interviewed for the piece, women paying support is not just something that affects Madonna and Halle Berry and other rich and famous women.

“Women today are naturally more dominant in the workforce than they’ve ever been and their traditional role of stay-at-home mother has evolved,” says Bari Weinberger.

Weinberger also finds the new trend to be a natural outgrowth of women achieving greater equality in the workplace. “We want to be deemed as equals in the business arena. We want to be deemed equals in the general workforce and we, hence, are being treated as equals in the legal realm as well.”

Do women cope better when required to pay support? Weinberger says that actually, many of her female clients are resistant to paying manimony, and — believe it or not — some men are embarrassed to receive it.

Let us know what you think! Are you in the position to pay — or receive — manimony? Check out the full CBS 2 New York report and video clip (above) and then drop us a comment.