What We Can Learn From Hollywood’s Nastiest Divorces

Reading through a list of some of Hollywood’s nastiest divorce battles, we couldn’t help but notice that each case described offered a very valuable lesson in how to (and how not to) get what you want from your divorce. Call it a Hollywood teachable moment! In part 1 of our blog series on celebrity divorce, here are three particularly ugly divorces…and a takeaway message we can learn a thing or two from:

Couple: Linda and Hulk Hogan

The Problem: When the wrestler and his reality star wife split in 2009, their divorce took a nasty turn when Linda accused Hulk of trying to hide millions of dollars in assets. In return, Hulk said Linda was spending alimony money on drugs.

Teachable Moment: In situations like this, it can be helpful to undergo a formal lifestyle analysis, a type of “forensic accounting” designed to find hidden assets and/or uncover whether one spouse is spending money in a secretive or illegal manner.

Couple: Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

The Problem: When their marriage ended after only 72 days, it seemed like it would be a clean and quick split for the celebrity couple. However, the divorce appears to be dragging because Humphries continues to push for an annulment.

Teachable Moment: Because you have to prove your grounds for an annulment (ranging from marital fraud to one spouse already being married), an annulment is often trickier to obtain than a no-fault divorce based on irreconcilable differences. Before starting the often lengthy process to have your marriage annulled, talk to your lawyer about whether this is truly the best course to end your marriage.

Couple: Ellen Barkin and Ron Perelman

The Problem: In a surprise move in 2006, Revlon chairman Ron Perelman served actress wife Ellen Barkin with divorce papers, setting the stage for a nasty battle over control of their film production company, Applehead I.

Teachable Moment: When it comes to running a business together post-divorce, we have seen examples of this working, notably, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony continue to run their TV/film production company together (J-Lo even spoke candidly about their arrangement a few months ago). However, both parties have to be willing to put aside their differences for the sake of the business or submit it as an asset to be divided.

To be continued…