Bari Weinberger Offers Divorce Tips, Answers in New Divorce Mag FAQs

Attorney Bari Z. Weinberger

Have questions about divorce and family law? Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group founder, family law expert Bari Weinberger was recently asked by Divorce Magazine to lend her authority to answer readers’ commonly asked questions regarding divorce, child custody and other family law issues. You can find Bari’s answers as part of the magazine’s library of Expert FAQs.

Bari Weinberger contributed to the following:

My Spouse Had An Affair, So Is He At Fault For Our Divorce? Learn the pros and cons of filing for a divorce based upon adultery in New Jersey such as using adultery to bolster the case for activating a “cheating clause” in a prenuptial agreement.

I’ve Heard We Live In A No-Fault Divorce State, What Does This Mean? Understand what defines what a “no-fault” divorce, how to obtain one and the benefits of filing for a “no-fault” divorce in New Jersey.

What Are The Grounds For Divorce In New Jersey? Bari defines and describes the grounds for a divorce in New Jersey and the difference between “fault” and “no-fault” grounds for divorce. This is important information for anyone filing for divorce to read.

Should We Wait Until the Divorce Is Final To Resolve Custody Issues? Find out the plans parents can make regarding custody and parenting time before, during and at the time of their divorce.

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