Bari Weinberger Appears on Access Hollywood to Discuss Alleged Kanye West Assault

New Jersey family law attorney Bari Weinberger appeared on last night’s Access Hollywood to offer legal commentary on recent assault allegations against Kanye West. The situation in question involved West’s fiancée, Kim Kardashian, entering a medical office building where she was swarmed with paparazzi. A young male offered to assist Kardashian into the building, but then allegedly began hurling racial slurs at her in regards to her relationship with West. Kardashian reportedly called West on her cell phone, alerting him to the situation. It is alleged that West, who was elsewhere in the building, arrived and assaulted the male making the threatening comments. The male can then be seen on video leaving the building with a coat over his head. Kardashian left soon after in her car and made a statement that she will be contacting authorities to file charges.

Weinberger’s expert take on this situation? Rather than contact the police after the fact, Kardashian should have dialed 911 as soon as possible. “Instead of calling Kanye, Kim should filed a grievance,” Bari surmised after reviewing accounts on the incident. As it stands, if charges are filed, West could be in a legal jam. Over the past year, the singer has been involved in two incidents in which he engaged in scuffles against the paparazzi. These incidents could possibly come to bear if this latest alleged altercation moves forward.

What does all this have to do with family law? While Kardashian and West are not yet married, they do have a child together and live together. If their relationship were ever to end and child custody needed to be determined, a parent’s criminal record, especially if it includes acts of violence, assault, and aggression, could be taken into account when determining the safest arrangement for a child.