Family Law Issues? Why Smart People Prep BEFORE the Holidays   

Making the decision to divorce is something that you don’t want to rush or decide in the heat of the moment. 

So this is why, if divorce or other related family law matter is on your radar for early 2020, we have an important piece of advice for you: start doing your homework now and learn all you can about your rights and options — no matter what you ultimately decide to do. Taking time to consult with a family law attorney over the next few weeks is a smart move for gaining the knowledge you need to make the best choices possible in the New Year. 

3 things you can learn at an attorney consultation

How to safeguard your rights: Speaking with an attorney can give you a greater understanding of your rights related to marital assets and what will happen to your family home, alimony, time with your kids, child support, and other issues that are specific to your situation. Do you have a large investment portfolio? Do you or your spouse have considerable savings in a 401 K or other pension account? Do you own real estate beyond the family home, including vacation homes or other investment property? Do your child have special needs? Will you be obligated to pay alimony, or will receive enough if you are the recipient spouse? You no doubt have your own list of questions and concerns about your rights in your divorce or family law matter. Meeting with a family law attorney is the best way to get a realistic view of what could happen. 

How to safeguard your kids. Making child custody decisions is often the most emotionally charged part of the divorce process. How do you create a plan that truly safeguards the best interests of your children and safeguards your relationships? At your consultation, your family law attorney can explain the difference between physical and legal custody, which arrangements — shared or sole custody — could be the best fit, and how parenting time is assigned. If your kids have special health, medical or educational needs, these will be taken into account. Your attorney can also guide you in establishing temporary arrangements for where your kids will live during your separation and/or until your divorce is finalized. 

How to safeguard yourself now — and in future. So many issues that need to be addressed in divorce, both large and small, can profoundly impact your “now” and your future. Let’s take the family home for example. Should you separate and one of you leaves the family home, how will utilities and the mortgage be paid for the next few months? What home maintenance bills and property taxes? In the long term, what are your options for dividing your home as an asset in your divorce? What are the true pros and cons of buying out your spouse vs. selling the home and splitting the equity? Meeting with a family attorney can help you look at all the issues in your divorce with an eye towards which decisions will safeguard you now and well into your future. 

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