Kim Kardashian-West & Kanye West Divorce: Insight From a Family Law Expert

kim and kanye divorce

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Following months of rumored marital problems and separate living arrangements, it was confirmed Friday that Kim Kardashian West has filed for divorce from husband Kanye West.

Divorce expert Bari Weinberger shares her insight:

“The decision to divorce is a difficult one. However, whenever this choice has been made, smart couples will follow certain golden rules — rules which I always advise my celebrity and non-celebrity clients to follow:

Golden Rule 1: Your reason for divorce may not be the same as your grounds for divorce. Kim Kardashian filed for divorce on the no fault grounds of irreconcilable differences, paving the way for a quiet divorce without the need to provide additional proof for the marital demise. Any personal issues that drove the couple to divorce can be left out of their proceeding.

Golden Rule 2: Filing for divorce last, not first, in the divorce process, can be to your advantage. In many situations, spouses can work out their marital settlement with their help of their attorneys on their own. Only after the terms are mutually agreeable does the couple file for divorce and submit their settlement agreement; the decree is then issued and the divorce is complete, saving the time and cost of multiple court hearings.

Golden Rule 3: Strategies to keep your specific divorce details on the down-low exist. It’s to your benefit and the benefit of your children to protect the privacy of your divorce. Filing on no-faults grounds and negotiating out of court keep public divorce information to a minimum. Not sharing details of your divorce on social media is also key. These are effective strategies anyone can use.

I have been asked to look at the situation of the Kardashian-West divorce and, whilst the detailed court filing is not yet publicly available, initial information implies that the couple may have chosen the smart route and agreed their divorce specifics before filing.

It is a sad occasion whenever a marriage ends in divorce. My hope is that Kim and Kanye discover that when smart decisions are made, the divorce process itself can become a tool of restoring peace, calm and protection to each of them, and to their children.”

Bari Z. Weinberger Esq.
Divorce & Family Law Expert


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