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Coronavirus Child Custody Nj Divorce QuestionsCoronavirus & Child Custody: Has the COVID-19 emergency disrupted your parenting time with your child? Are you divorcing and not sure what your options are? Can you temporarily reduce or stop child support or alimony?

Family law expert Bari Z. Weinberger, founder and managing partner of Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC, will go Live on Facebook this Sunday, March 29 at 6 pm ET to answer key questions she’s been receiving over the past few weeks from worried and anxious parents and those experiencing other family law matters.

Update: Watch the Replay below!

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  • How do I know what our emergency parenting time plan should be?
  • What if my ex is a healthcare worker? Can I stop parenting time?
  • What do I do if I feel unwell and my ex can’t care for the kids?
  • My ex is keeping the kids until this is over. Can I “get back” this lost parenting time in the future?
  • I filed for divorce just before the pandemic began. How do I keep my divorce on track?
  • I had to close my family run business and don’t have an income. Can I stop/reduce support payments?
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