do divorced parents need to pay grad school tuition?

Divorced Parents: Are You Required To Pay Your Child’s Grad School Tuition?

do divorced parents need to pay grad school tuition? There has been a lot of buzz about the changes to the child support statute in New Jersey set to take effect in February of 2017. Under the new legislation, there should be no financial support required by a non-custodial parent after a child turns 23 years old. Will there be exceptions to this rule when it comes to parental contributions to graduate school tuition? According to a recent child support ruling in Ocean County, the answer may be yes. Read more

Reconciliation Tips

Reconciliation: 5 Tips For Saving Your Marriage

Reconciliation TipsDivorce irrevocably changes the course of your life and your children’s. If you are at all ambivalent about ending your marriage, now is the time to make a concerted effort to see if it’s worth saving. Use these 5 tips to help you and your spouse reconcile your differences and stay (happily) together… Read more

is your abusive spouse cyber spying on you?

Cyber Monday PSA: Protect Yourself From Cyber Spying

is your abusive spouse cyber spying on you?Are you trapped in an abusive relationship? If your spouse is monitoring your movements or spying on you  in an attempt to control you, be aware that he or she may have taken steps to monitor your online activity. With the arrival of today’s Cyber Monday, there’s no better time to learn steps you can take to stay safe and prevent cyber spying or cyber stalking from happening to you: Read more

My Ex is Lying to Get Child Custody!

defending against false child custody accusationsHow far would you go to make sure you get child custody? Some parents make the very dangerous decision to lie or exaggerate as a way to paint the other parent as “unfit” and enhance their own standing in the eyes of the judge…with a greater custody share as the hoped for result. Is your ex lying and making false accusations against you? Here’s how to protect yourself. Read more

new child support law

When Does Child Support End in New Jersey?

new child support lawPaying child support for your older teen or college-age child, and wonder when your obligation will end? Find out what New Jersey’s new child support age cutoff law, taking effect in February 2017, could mean for you. Read more

paternity and fathers rights

What is Paternity and How Does It Affect My Rights in New Jersey?

paternity and fathers rightsHave questions about paternity? Here’s what you need to know about establishing fatherhood in New Jersey, and the legal rights and responsibilities that come with paternity.

Read more


Going Above the Guidelines: Child Support For Your Special Kid

child supportWe all think our children are special, extraordinary and talented. But, what if you are raising the next Michael Jordan? What happens when your child has an exceptional gift for music? Or for art? Without question, your child’s amazing talent comes with expenses in the form of lessons, practice, travel and supplies. Who is responsible for paying these costs? And, are they covered by New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines? Read more

preparing for divorce

8 Savvy Ways To Prepare For Divorce

preparing for divorceIf you are thinking about divorce, be aware that you need to gather a lot of information before you file. Although it may feel sneaky to do some reconnaissance work without your spouse knowing, or before you announce your intentions, it is imperative that you have a plan in place before taking the life-altering step of ending your marriage. Thinking about filing? Here are 8 savvy ways you can start preparing now… Read more

Spousal Spying—Are You at Risk?

spousal spyingIt is hard for most of us to remember a time without smartphones, email, GPS, and even drones, and virtual reality. High tech definitely seems here to stay. But, there is a dark side to all this technology, particularly in relationships that involve domestic abuse or domestic violence. Abusers can now, more easily than ever, spy on their spouses or significant others, using current technology found in computers, cellphones, hidden web cams and surveillance cameras, and GPS devices. Are you at risk for being spied on by on your spouse — and what can you do to keep yourself safe? Read more

401k and Divorce: Splitting Retirement Assets With Your Spouse

401K-divorceNew Jersey is an equitable distribution state, meaning that during divorce, marital assets and debts are divided between spouses fairly, but not necessarily equally. To carry out equitable distribution, the courts evaluate all types of assets differently and look at factors such as each spouse’s contribution to the marital asset. Retirement accounts, such as 401k accounts, however, are a special animal and are subject to particular rules when divided as marital property in a divorce proceeding. What can you expect when dividing this account in your divorce? Read more