7 Things About Divorce Your Kids Want You To Know

kids and divorceThe financial and psychological impact of divorce can make it hard to function. It can make it even harder to parent. But it’s important not to let anger and fear hijack your good judgment. You must put aside your feelings about your ex and manage your anxiety about the future in order to provide a healthy home life for your children.

Even the most well-meaning divorced co-parents can do or say things that make their children feel anxious. Kids don’t always know what they need and if they do, they often don’t know how to tell you. Wondering how, exactly, to keep your kids from spending their entire adulthood on a therapist’s couch? Here are seven things you should know about kids and divorce. Read more

Courts Explore Emancipation Factors In Child Support Cases

older kids and divorceCourts in New Jersey are frequently asked to modify, recalculate and terminate child support obligations for various reasons. In cases of emancipation of a child, the courts have routinely found that retroactive modification of child support is permitted, and may sometimes result in a credit or refund to the parent paying the support. In one recent case ruling, the Appellate Division discussed some of the factors that a court must consider in determining whether a child is emancipated. Read more

3 Tips For Getting An Amicable Divorce

how do you achieve an amicable divorce?Nightmare divorces make great fodder for headlines, but the truth is, not every divorce turns into The War Of The Roses. The stories that send shivers up your spine generally involve one or both people with mental health and/or significant substance abuse issues. With practice and foresight, couples that don’t face those challenges can take the following steps to keep their divorce as amicable and collaborative as possible. Read more

You Pay Child Support For Your Teen: Do you Have to Pay Car Insurance, Too?

child support and car insuranceIn the case of Fichter v. Fichter, the New Jersey Appellate Court discussed the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines and amendments to the child support laws relating to car insurance for teen drivers. Do you need to pay car insurance for your teen driver, or should you expect your child’s other parent to share the costs? Read more

The Kids Are All Right: How Kids Can Be Stronger And Healthier After Divorce

How Kids Can Be Stronger And Healthier After Divorce
Some miserably married couples stay together for the kids, but the truth is, conflict hurts children more than divorce itself. Read more

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Named To List of Best Places to Work in New Jersey For Third Consecutive Year

Best Places to Work in New JerseyWe are very pleased to announce that Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group has once again been named to NJBIZ magazine’s list of Best Places to Work in New Jersey for 2016! This is the third consecutive year that Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group has received this honor.  Read more

Filing for Custody? Make Sure You Picked the Right State!

state jurisdiction for child custodyLive out of state and questioning your need to return to New Jersey to have your custody matter heard? The New Jersey Appellate Division, in a recent, unpublished decision, tackled the somewhat confusing New Jersey Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), which determines whether New Jersey or another state has jurisdiction to hear custody matters in its courts.  Read more

Alcoholism & Child Custody: Can Addicts Regain Custody Of Their Kids In New Jersey?

Child custody and alcohol addictionAre you an alcoholic with kids — or are you married or divorced from an alcoholic spouse? Here is how alcoholism affects child custody, and what an alcoholic parent can do to regain visitation rights. Read more

Alcohol Addiction & Child Custody: A Dangerous Cocktail

Is your spouse an alcoholic? When ruling on child custody, courts consider a parent’s use of drugs and alcohol. The reason why is fairly straightforward: preoccupation with obtaining drugs, and the impairment and aftereffects of being intoxicated, cause people to neglect their children’s physical and emotional needs. Using drugs clouds judgment and can put children in imminent danger. Read more