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Holiday Co-Parenting: Spending Thanksgiving Without Your Kids

thanksgiving parenting time It’s your first Thanksgiving since your separation, and according to your parenting time and holiday agreement, your kids will be spending the day with their other parent. When holiday traditions change, it can lead to anxiety, sadness, stress, and loneliness. Need help coping? Here are some tips to help you get through the day…  Read more

5 Strategies For Co-Parenting Success On Thanksgiving

co-parenting over Thanksgiving For many separated parents, Thanksgiving, and the entire holiday season, can spell stress, anxiety and frustration. Emotions can run high, for everyone…but it simply does not have to be this way! Whether you have the children with you for Turkey Day or if this is your spouse’s year, here are five tips to help you achieve holiday co-parenting success. Read more

Positive Co-Parenting Over Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving turkey child art

Thanksgiving is a day to celebrate family and all that we’re thankful for, and for divorced families, the day is no different! Usually, the only ingredients needed to bring joy — not stress — to the table during the holiday season is a little creativity and flexibility in co-parenting strategies. Ready to dig in? Here are 5 tips for a more relaxed, happy and child-centered Thanksgiving. Read more

8 Tips For A Super Solo Thanksgiving

Homemaker Holding Turkey on a Platter

Thanksgiving will be here in just a few weeks. Are you newly separated or recently divorced? You may have even more to be thankful for this year. Whether you spend the day solo or not, here are some tips for making this holiday a happy one. Read more