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Answering Older Children’s Questions About Divorce

older kids and divorce

One of the most difficult tasks of divorce is telling your children you’re splitting up. Before you sit down to give them the news, it’s important to anticipate questions they might have and be prepared for how to answer them. Read more

Answering Young Children’s Questions About Divorce

children's questions about divorce

Now that you’ve decided to get a divorce, it’s time to tell your kids. Keep in mind: small children are at a developmental stage when they need object constancy. They need to know that even though you aren’t with them everyday, you are still their parent, and they are going to see you on a regular basis. Although you’re faced with a conversation no parent wants to have, there are things you can do to provide reassurance and answer your child’s questions in a developmentally appropriate way. Read more

5 Things To Say (Or Not To Say) When You Tell Your Kids About Your Divorce

Talking to Children about Divorce

There’s no easy way to tell your kids that life, as they know it, is about to change forever. But there are some ways to make the experience as gentle as possible. How can help your children feel secure and loved during this transition? Here are five things to say, or not say, when you explain to your kids that you’re divorcing. Read more

Making Separation & Divorce Easier On The Kids

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Your children mean the world to you, so how do you make sure their emotional needs are being met as you and your spouse make the difficult decision to separate or file for divorce? Of all places, a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians showed how, even in the most tight-knit of families, special care needs to be taken to make sure children feel loved, safe, and secure. Read more

Talking to Your Child About Divorce

Talking to Children about Divorce

{This post is part 1 of our 2-part series on Children and Divorce.}

As parents, talking to your children about your decision to divorce will likely rank among the most important conversations you ever have with your kids. How and what you tell your children can help them feel loved and secure, even in the midst of turmoil and change. Read more