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Stepchild Adoption in New Jersey

stepparent and stepchildMarriage in New Jersey does not always mean that you are gaining just a spouse — you could be gaining your spouse’s kids as well! For many reasons, your stepchild or stepchildren’s other biological parent may not be a part of their lives, and as a result, you have, for all intents and purposes, stepped into the shoes of being their full-blown parent, sharing all the responsibilities with your spouse. As time goes on, you may think about formally adopting your step-kids. How can you make this happen? Read more

Thanksgiving With the Step-Kids

thanksgiving-step-childrenExcited…but also a little apprehensive about spending your first Thanksgiving with your new blended family? Holiday meals can be awkward for any family, but they can also be warm, welcoming and funny! In the age of blended families, remarriages and step-kids, no two Thanksgiving celebrations look the same. How can you manage a relaxed Thanksgiving with your new step-children? Read more