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How Do I know if My Spouse is Spying on Me?

Spousal spying may be the newest form of spousal abuse and it is sadly becoming more and more common as technological advances make it easier for one spouse to spy on the other. How can you tell if your spouse is inappropriately tracking you? Read more

Smart Phone Apps Spouses Use to Spy

keeping smartphones safe

Only a brief Google search will yield you fast results: tracking software and smartphone applications that can be purchased, downloaded and installed on someone else’s phone. Companies will even monitor the software for you for a little as 50 cents a day. Why are these programs available? To be fair, they are usually marketed as a way to keep track of your children so that you know their whereabouts in what can be a dangerous world. They are also supposedly geared towards employers who may be concerned about the security of their businesses. But, what about the use of these types of applications and programs in a domestic violence situation? Read more

What If An Erin Andrews Case Happened in New Jersey?

Is your spouse spying on you?

In a recent article, Bari Z. Weinberger, Esq., managing partner at Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC and family law expert explored the possibility of the Erin Andrews stalking case happening in New Jersey. Read more