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When Sex Addiction Leads To Divorce

Your spouse is a sex addict and has cheated on you — many times — and all your friends and relatives think that the only option is to kick your spouse to the curb ASAP. But if any part of you wants to stay in the marriage, and especially if you have children, it’s worth following a plan of action to see if the relationship can be saved. Wondering how you’ll know? In the fallout of discovering your spouse’s sex addiction, here are some tips to help you make informed, clear-headed decisions about the future. Read more

Reconciling Your Marriage After Sex Addiction

Is your spouse a sex addict?Is there life — and marriage — after one partner recovers from sex addiction? While the healing process may understandably difficult for couples seeking to put their marriage back together, one legal option — a reconciliation agreement — may give you both the security you need to start moving forward. Read more

Sexting: Is It Cheating Or Not?


Everyone remembers that famous saying about not being able to define pornography, but knowing it when you see it. The moral of that saying is that pornography, like cheating can be wholly subjective. And when it comes to “sexting,” what one spouse believes to be nothing more flirtatious texting with a coworker or friend, the other spouse may view as full-blown cheating, even if physical intimacy was never involved. For an example of the moral murkiness sexting presents, all we need to do is look at the latest scandal involving a certain former NYC mayoral candidate and his front page-worthy texting scandal that has resulted in the demise of his marriage.

If sexting as cheating is subjective in everyday life, what about sexting in the legal sense: Is sexting considered adultery, which is a ground for divorce? Read more

Is Your Cheating Spouse A Sex Addict?

Is your spouse a sex addict? When you saw a sexy text message pop up on your husband’s phone, you confronted him. He admitted to having an affair not just with his co-worker, but also with two other women during your 10-year-marriage. He seems genuinely remorseful, has sworn it will never happen again, and has agreed to go to couples therapy. Your friends insist you should divorce him because he’s a sex addict.

But is his behavior a sign of actual addiction? Or was it “just” a case of serial infidelity? What’s the difference? Read more