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Moving With Kids: Can Your Child’s Other Parent Stop Your Relocation Plans?

relocation with child out of state

Before you call the movers, find out why it’s now more difficult for divorced parents to relocate from New Jersey with their kids, thanks to a new court ruling that forces parents to prove that out of state long-distance moves are truly in children’s “best interests.”  Read more

Want to Relocate Out of New Jersey With Your Kids? Don’t Look to Baures!

moving out of state with child

In a landmark ruling handed down today by the New Jersey Supreme Court, the court unanimously reversed its 2001 Baures holding that a custodial parent could relocate to another state with a child so long as the move was made in good faith and was not “inimical [harmful] to the child’s best interests.” In today’s Bisbing v. Bisbing ruling, it was established that trial judges should now simply determine whether a relocation would be in the “best interests” of the children involved.

What could all this mean for your relocation matter? Here is a summary of today’s important ruling.  Read more