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Life After Divorce: Don’t Get Lonely, Get Out There!

your happy post-divorce lifeAfter divorce, living your life happily is truly the ultimate goal now and in the future. But how do you get there? And how can avoid your new status as “single” from turning into the feeling of “being alone” and lonely? Here are the tips you need to start building a life you love! Read more

5 Tips Celebrating Your Child’s Graduation When You’re A Divorced Parent

High school graduation hats highGraduation season is officially here! If your child is one of the thousands of New Jersey high school seniors about to don cap and gown as a member of the class of 2015, emotions may be running high — for both you and your graduate — as your child reaches a true milestone in life. As a divorced parent, it’s normal for some of these emotions to relate to your child’s other parent (your former spouse). Whatever the status of your relationship with your ex, your former spouse’s presence at your child’s graduation may stir up past resentments or magnify currents ones.

What can you do to celebrate your child’s graduation with all the joy and happiness this special moment deserves? Here are five strategies for getting through graduation without letting your ex get in the way.  Read more