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Can You Get A Divorce Do-Over?

What happens when months after your divorce, you find out an error was made in your settlement — a big one — because of information your former spouse failed to disclose? Here are some of the factors that could lead the courts to grant you a divorce “do-over.”

For an overview of the process, let’s take a look at Sarah’s unexpected discovery when taking care of some post-divorce paperwork.

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My Ex-Spouse Died, Who Gets The Life Insurance?

Life insurance and divorceCustody, parenting time, the marital house, the bank accounts: all are issues that divorcing couples have on the forefront of their minds, probably because who is going to live in the marital home and who gets custody of the children are issues that are in the present. The here and now. But, what about future issues that may arise after the divorce is over — like what happens to life insurance spouses may hold? Read more

Trying to Modify Your Child Custody Plan? Here Are 3 Steps To Take Right Now

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Is your current parenting time or child visitation plan just not working out? If you are considering seeking modification to an existing New Jersey child custody order, it will be important for you to provide evidence as to why a change to your custody order is in the best interests of your child.

What kind of evidence can shed light on why a new custody arrangement or visitation schedule is needed? Here are three key pieces of evidence to have on hand. Read more