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Getting Through Baby Blues & Postpartum Depression Together

new parentsThe arrival of a baby can be an exciting time for a couple, but not when it’s accompanied by a case of the “baby blues,” or postpartum depression. Are you preparing for a new addition to the family, or have you recently welcomed a new baby? You and your partner deserve for this to be a happy, fulfilling time in life. Read on for how to recognize the “baby blues” and postpartum depression, and the positive steps you can take to start feeling better.  Read more

Co-Parenting in New Jersey: Can It Be Done?

pitt jolie co-parenting

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Even the most famous of couples who are divorcing are not immune to battles regarding their kids, custody, parenting time and child support. This week, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from her husband of two years, Brad Pitt. The couple has been together for nearly a decade and have six children; three adopted and three born to the couple. What steps can the pair take to establish a positive co-parenting relationship — and how might these tips translate to parents in New Jersey? Read more