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Court Imputation of Income is Too Low for Child Support

child support appealDo you disagree with the way your child support award was calculated? In the recent, unpublished case of Marino v. Marino, the New Jersey Appellate Court sided with a father who did not agree with the lower court’s imputation of only $9,366 per year for his wife’s income. Mr. and Ms. Marino were divorced in 2009 and had one child, aged seventeen at the time of this case. Ms. Marino asked the court for permission to move with the child to Delaware in August 2010 and during that case, she told the court one of the reasons for the relocation was a job offer that would pay her more than the approximately $43,000 job she had in New Jersey. Read more

Future Proofing Your Child Support Arrangements

future proofing child supportIn case you haven’t heard, there is a new phenomenon sweeping the globe called “future proofing” your children. It is a sort of movement started by author and speaker, Nikki Bush, in her popular book, Future-Proof Your Child. The focus of the book is coming to an understanding, as parents, or really as any type of care giver to a child, of the future. What types of jobs will be available for children twenty years from now? What types of education will be most valuable? What about technology and its role down the line?

While it is, of course, important to prepare children for their futures as best we can, is there a way to prepare ourselves for the financial support of our kids, until they are finally able to leave the nest and support themselves? Separated parents face a complicated situation where both of them are financially responsible for the care and well-being of their child. This is complicated because each parent is also supporting their own separate household, which was not an issue when still living together. Salaries may remain but costs have increased, sometimes, dramatically.

So, how can you “future proof” your child support arrangement with your ex? Read more

Senate Panel Approves Bill To Cut Off New Jersey Child Support At Age 19

Teenage boy with school backpack

Is New Jersey child support about to undergo a fundamental change? With bill S-1046, allowing for the end of child support payments once the child reaches the age of 19 recently advanced by a Senate Judiciary panel, we appear to be one step closer.

Update July 23, 2015The New Jersey Senate approved bill S-1046 by a vote of 31-2.  The bill must still be acted on by the Assembly and signed by Gov. Chris Christie to become law.

Read more

Kids, Sports and Divorce: How Can Co-Parents Support Their Child’s Olympic Dreams?

Olympic champion Michael Phelps was raised by his divorced single mom Debbie; the parents of Apolo Ohno, the most decorated Winter Olympics athlete in history, divorced when their soon-to-be speed skater was just a baby. Believe your child has what it takes to be a future Olympian? Here’s how divorce can affect who foots the bill for coaches, lessons, and equipment — and what you can do to help your child go for the gold, no matter what the state of your marriage. Read more

Is There a Cutoff Age For New Jersey Child Support?

Maria and John divorced when their daughter was three years old. John has kept up with his monthly child support payments for the past 15 years. With his daughter turning 18 in a few months and heading off to college in the fall, John knows that he will contribute to his daughter’s college tuition and room and board costs. But what about those monthly child support checks he’s been sending Maria? Do they automatically stop once his daughter is considered an adult in the eyes of the law? Read more

3 Common Questions About Child Support Payments

Here’s a look at three of the most common questions parents ask about NJ child support when there are issues with award amounts, or parents not paying. What questions do you have?  Read more

Determining NJ Jurisdiction in Interstate Child Custody & Support Disputes

In celebrity news, the child custody rift between Jersey Shore reality star Pauly D and Amanda Markert, the mother of his 5-month old daughter Amabella, has pushed into the spotlight the issue of what happens in complex child custody disputes in which a child’s two parents live in different states. Pauly D, based on reports, appears to be a legal resident of either Nevada, where he regularly works as a DJ on the Las Vegas club scene, or Rhode Island, where he owns a home. Markert is a lifelong resident of New Jersey, where Amabella was born. According to various news sources, Pauly D would prefer to file for sole custody of his daughter in Nevada, while Markert allegedly plans to take him to court in NJ to settle their matters. Read more

Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Seeks $1.2 Million for Child Support Trust

Have you been following the ongoing legal battle between recently retired NBA superstar Allen Iverson and his ex-wife, Tawanna? The latest development involves payment of back child support and whether or not Iverson can be made to pay all upcoming payments through 2026 in a single lump sum child support payment of $1,272,000. Read more

Who’s Your Daddy? Mobile Paternity Truck Offers DNA Testing

A New York company called Health Street is taking DNA paternity testing to the streets of NYC in a new mobile DNA testing clinic housed in a 28-foot RV and emblazoned with the provocative slogan, Who’s Your Daddy? Read more

Does Paying for College End the Need for Child Support?

Your divorce settlement called for you to pay part of your child’s college tuition fees, including the cost of room and board. You’re making good on this obligation, so why do you need to still pay child support? Read more