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What Does NJ Alimony Reform Mean for Your Divorce?


On September 9, 2014, the lengthy push for alimony reform in New Jersey came to a conclusion when Governor Christie signed A-845, a set of new laws that will make significant changes to New Jersey’s alimony system.

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Will New Jersey Alimony Reform Be the Death of the Stay-At-Home Spouse?

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If you’ve kept up with the headlines in New Jersey this past week, you may be aware that a long-awaited alimony reform bill concerning permanent “lifetime” alimony has been passed by both the New Jersey State Assembly and Senate and sent to Governor Christie, who is expected to approve the measure sometime this summer. With alimony reform in New Jersey so close at hand, it’s almost certain that those going through the process of divorce right now (or contemplating divorce) have questions and concerns about how reform laws will affect their spousal support arrangements. This may be especially true for stay-at-home spouses and stay-at-home parents, the two groups most likely to request lifetime alimony. Read more

Assembly Committee Approves New Jersey Alimony Reform Bill

On Thursday, the New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Committee issued a unanimous recommendation to pass legislation fundamentally changing the way alimony is awarded in most New Jersey divorces.
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Bergen County Ex-Husband Fighting Alimony Denied Release

Update 10/28/13: Ari Schochet won a stay of his incarceration from the New Jersey Supreme Court. The stay allowed Mr. Schochet to file an appeal. That appeal, now before Judge Jonathan Harris, poses the question: Do all parents who are behind bars for arrears on support payments have the right to an ability-to-pay hearing before being locked up?

In Bergen County, Ari Schochet, a former Wall Street portfolio manager, has been ordered by New Jersey Family Court Judge Ronny Jo Siegel to spend nights and weekends locked inside a county jail unless he hands over a lump sum of $25,000 toward more than $233,000 in unpaid alimony. Read more

Alimony Reform Close, But What Can You Do Now to Reduce Spousal Support?

Alimony reform is in the air in New Jersey. Following the lead of Massachusetts and Florida, legislation is being introduced to overhaul the state’s current rules for awarding spousal support, which many say are outdated for today’s economic conditions. Read more