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New Rules On Parent Relocation Requests: A Case Study

moving with your child

In August 2017, the standards used by the New Jersey family courts when deciding to approve or deny a parent’s request to relocate with their children out of state underwent a significant change, thanks to the landmark ruling of Bisbing v. Bisbing.

How will this switch from the the “old way” of deciding relocation matters — called the Baures factors — to the brand new Bisbing standards affect your plans to move with your kids? Let’s take a look at a typical parent relocation request to find out what’s different now — and what you might expect in your own child relocation matter. Here is Mary and Paul’s story.

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Tips for Relocating With Your Children Out of State

relocating with your children out of stateYou have gotten that dream job and you are all set to accept the offer. But, there is one issue. The job is located in Florida and you live, with your children, in New Jersey. What is the best way to approach relocating with your children out of state? Here are several tips to help you navigate moving out of state with minor children: Read more