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Can You Ask for Palimony When Your Partner is Dead?


Obtaining an award of palimony in New Jersey has become more difficult over the last few years. Palimony — a one-time financial award for a former intimate partner that never married — can only be granted in the Garden State if there is a written promise to pay it, if the palimony agreement dates from 2010. Palimony agreements pre-dating 2010 that are oral/verbal in nature may still be considered valid. Given these different standards, it’s not uncommon for former partners to end up in court when a palimony agreement is contested. But what about recouping palimony after your partner dies? Read more

Christie Signs Child Support Termination Bill

termination of child supportOn January 19, 2016, Governor Christie signed into law a bill that dramatically impacts child support termination presumptions and procedures in New Jersey. The bill, S-1046/A-2721, is substantially similar to the version passed by the Senate in July of 2015, with minor amendments adopted by the Assembly in December.  Read more

3 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re a Dad Going Through Divorce

Boy riding piggy back on his father's back

Concerned that your father’s rights will not be respected in your divorce? Men are often under the impression that dads just can’t win when it comes to child custody rulings. However, asserting your fathers rights may be easier than you ever thought possible IF you do the work to avoid these three mistakes:   Read more