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Will You Make Any of These Mistakes in Your Divorce?

divorce mistakes

With so much at stake in divorce, tensions can ride high and errors can be easy to make. Are you about to make a misstep? Here are our top 5 divorce mistakes to avoid: Read more

5 Ways to Make the Most Of Your Divorce Consultation

how to make the most of your divorce consultation You have scheduled your consultation with your divorce professional. How do you make the most of this limited time with your prospective attorney? Here are 5 ways in which you can ensure you get the most out of your consultation: Read more

Documents to Bring to Your Attorney Consultation

divorce paperwork

Now that you’ve scheduled your attorney consultation, you may be wondering what to bring to your meeting to make the most of your time with your attorney. Read more

5 Costly Errors People Make During Their Divorce Consultation

meeting with new jersey family law attorneyDivorce can be emotional and stressful. You have taken the very difficult step of deciding to end your marriage. You have spent time researching local attorneys. And now you are preparing for your initial consultation.  How can you make the most of this first meeting with your divorce lawyer?  Here are five costly errors frequently made during divorce consultations…and how you can avoid them. Read more

Getting Ready To Divorce? 3 Tips To Prepare Yourself Emotionally

preparing for your attorney consultation The prospect of untangling finances in your divorce and losing time with your children is wrenching. Add in uncertainty about your home, your lifestyle, and your social circle, and you may feel completely destabilized. You know your emotions are off-kilter if you experience any of the following:

– You can’t sleep,
– You can’t eat,
– You can’t concentrate on anything other than your divorce,
– You cry excessively,
– You’re consumed with guilt over the effect on your children, or
– You dream of exacting revenge on your soon-to-be ex.

Being in a state of turmoil when contemplating or deciding on getting divorced is common, and frankly, understandable. At the same time, when you go to your initial meeting with your divorce attorney, you will need to ask and answer questions about your finances, strategies, possible outcomes, and what you must do to protect yourself and your children. Beginning the legal process of divorce in as calm a state of mind as possible is important. How do you get there? Here are three ways to emotionally prepare for your initial divorce consultation. Read more

New Jersey Divorce Chronicles Part 4: Why “Coming out Swinging” Could Backfire


In part 2 and part 3 of our continuing blog series on avoiding common divorce mistakes, we looked at two different approaches to hiring a divorce attorney. In part 1 of our series, we introduced you to our two New Jersey couples: Robert & Sharon and Jason & Melissa. In this installment, we’ll take a look at Robert & Sharon’s divorce to see how one of our subject’s choice of attorney impacts the beginning of the divorce process. Read more

5 Inside Secrets Divorce Attorneys Don’t Want You To Know


The process of finding an attorney to represent you in your divorce can feel confusing and overwhelming. Is the lawyer charging a fair price? How do you know his or her style is the right fit? The attorney may seem friendly and attentive now, but what about down the road? Here are 5 inside secrets some divorce attorneys DON’T want you to know about hidden costs and strong-arm tactics to retain clients. Finding a good attorney becomes much easier when you know how to avoid these five common traps. Read more