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Dads and Divorce: Coping Without Your Kids

custody options for dadsYou dread coming home to an empty house. Dinnertime is too quiet. The kids’ bedrooms are too neat. You spot other dads hanging out with their children, and you wish you could see yours every day. It can be difficult for kids to adjust to two home after their parents’ divorce, but it can be just as difficult for parents to adjust to seeing their kids less often then they would like.

Today, we’re talking just to dads (moms: we’ll have tips for you coming soon!), and want you to know that no matter how your parenting time plan is divided, you are still your children’s father. If you are having a difficult time coping with not seeing your kids as much as you once did, here are nine tips to make every minute count. Read more

Perilous Mistakes Men Make In Divorce

men's divorce mistakesWhen a transition is as difficult as divorce, it’s understandable that you might want to pull off the band-aid as fast as possible. But rushing the process, or making decisions fueled by emotion instead of reason, may yield devastating life-long consequences. Both genders can make mistakes during dissolution but some are more common to men. Here is a list of divorce “don’ts” – and tips on how to avoid making them. Read more