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5 Tips For A Smoother, Less Stressful Divorce

Are you inadvertently making your divorce more difficult than it needs to be? Here are five tips for making the process as short and straightforward as possible. Read more

All Kids With Divorced Parents Want For Christmas

Wrapped gifts under the tree are always a treat, but what do kids with divorced parents really want this holiday season? It’s probably not the latest fad toy or video game, but three things only you and your children’s co-parent can give: Read more

Helpful Children’s Books About Divorce

If you are going through a divorce and have kids, the care and well-being of your children is utmost on your mind. Trying your best to make the transition to two homes a loving, secure experience for your family? These four children’s books can do a great job in helping kids see the bigger picture that everything is going to be okay. Read more

Co-Parenting When You Really Can’t Stand Your Former Spouse

Let’s face it, divorce can be messy. While the goal for many couples is get to a place of peace with one another, it can take time — often a great deal of time — to get there. If you and your soon-to-be former spouse don’t have children, taking a break during the divorce process is as easy as letting his or her calls go to voice mail when you don’t want to talk. But what about when children are added to the mix? Dealing with issues such as child custody arrangements, who helps your child with his homework, and who gets called in case of emergency at school, typically require both parents to communicate frequently and stay in close touch. Read more

Understanding the Signs of Parental Alienation

Your child’s other parent won’t let you talk on the phone to your son or daughter. Your child acts shy or resentful around you until it finally comes out that your ex has been saying some pretty awful things about you behind your back. And then one day, you go to your designated location to pick up your child for the weekend only to find no one there. When you text your former spouse to ask what’s going on, you receive a reply telling you that your child doesn’t want to see you. Is this the truth — or is it parental alienation? Read more

Making Child Custody Exchanges Work for Everyone

After a child custody matter is settled and a parenting time plan is put in place, for many parents, this is where the hard work of co-parenting truly begins. If you and your former spouse or partner still aren’t on the same page, or there is still animosity between the two of you, one place where this tension often becomes a disaster waiting to happen is during child custody exchanges. Your ex-spouse may be running late, or the pick up time suddenly doesn’t work with your schedule, your child is clingy, or just the sight of this person still makes your blood boil — and the feeling is mutual. How do you get around these type of issues to make child custody drop offs and pick up more peaceful and safe for everyone? Read more