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Is Spanking Child Abuse?

is spanking child abuseSpanking, or the use of corporal punishment as a child rearing practice, has been a hot-button topic in parenting circles for decades. At the heart of this debate is an extremely important question: does spanking or slapping your child as a consequence for misbehavior merely a form discipline — or is it a form of child abuse? Read more

Can New Jersey Parents Legally Spank Their Children?


In New York State, the headline-making court case this week was one apparently giving parents the legal green light to spank their kids. Issued Wednesday, the state Appellate Division found that a father’s spanking of an 8-year-old boy “was a reasonable use of force.” This reversed a Family Court judge’s ruling last year that had found the father’s spanking qualified as child abuse on the grounds of“inflicting excessive corporal punishment.” Read more