Surviving Wedding Season When You Are Recently Divorced

We’re smack in the middle of wedding season right now, and your mailbox may be filled with at least one, two, or more invitations to friends and family members who are getting married this summer.

You’re happy for your loved ones, of course, but if this is your first summer wedding season since your divorce or separation, you may feel nervous about going solo to such a social event or find yourself wondering what kinds of emotions will be stirred when you hear those wedding vows again.

Still haven’t RSVPed? Here are some tips for attending weddings and enjoying yourself post-divorce:

Say yes: As much as you might want to pass, think about what having friends, family, and loved ones present means to the person who invited you to their wedding. You’ve been there, so you know…a wedding is a big deal! Also, just because you are not part of a matched set at the moment does not mean that you have to stay home and avoid all couple-oriented functions. Weddings are happy occasions, and being around happy people may be just what you need.

Call ahead: Do you expect that your ex has also been invited? Are you ready to mix and mingle and want to be seated with other singles? Call the bride and groom and let them if you have any special requests when it comes to reception seating arrangements, such as the need to sit as far away from your ex as possible. Likewise, if you are planning to bring your new significant other as your plus one, and you know your ex-wife or ex-husband will be at the wedding, consider taking the tactful approach by letting them know in advance that you will be there with a date.

Look your best: If it’s been a while since you went to any kind of social gathering, let others know you’re back on the scene by dressing the part. Take time with your clothes, visit the hair salon, and hold your head high!

Take a date: Does the invitation allow a plus one? Consider taking a pal, your mom, or even a new boyfriend or girlfriend, as long as you have already declared yourselves to be “regularly seeing other.” After all, why not? Dinner, dancing, a little misty-eyed romance…who can say no to that?