CBS 2 TV: The New ‘Social’ Face of Divorce

If you are like most people, you have probably checked out an old boyfriend or girlfriend on Facebook or Twitter. But as Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC’s Bari Weinberger and other legal experts discuss in a new CBS 2 News TV report, this seemingly harmless behavior is going a lot further — and leading to the end of more and more marriages. According to Bari Weinberger, too few people realize that what they post, tweet, and text can and will be used against them in divorce court. “The evidence is shocking and the courts are starting to rely heavily upon it,” she confirms for CBS reporter Kristine Johnson.

Is a social media secret life a factor in your divorce? Watch what else Bari has to say in the video above and then read her latest Huffington Post piece, “Don’t Let Social Media Sabotage Your Divorce” or our blog post, “Social Media and Divorce: When Posting Comes Back to Haunt You“, for social media don’ts to safeguard your divorce settlement from common Facebook, Twitter, YouTube missteps.