Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC Answers Your Divorce & Family Law Questions

Ask a Family Law QuestionGet answers to your divorce and family law questions: we know that family law matters can be confusing, so we make sure we are here for you. Managing partner Bari Weinberger was invited to be the divorce expert on the Life Through Divorce twitter party, #divorcetalk, last night where she had the chance to answer some of your family law questions live.

As a trusted authority on divorce and family law matters in New Jersey, we are frequently contacted via our social media channels and through our Ask A Family Law Question section of our website with questions concerning divorce, alimony, child custody matters, and more. It was great to connect live online with a number of people who were reaching out for help. Some of the questions answered last night included:

– In NJ, does the spouse have to appear at an uncontested divorce hearing? When will you receive the final divorce decree?

– What information & documents does NJ court require in a divorce complaint? No children, no support, living separately.

– ProSe in Divorce Husband attorney would not respond to document demands. Judge will not give me more time before trial What are my options?

– My son is 5 mths His father is getting back with his ex. Their relationship is unstable. Can judge stop him from having my son near her?

– My daughter’s husband is angry, jealous & controlling. She has no access to money for her or the kids so she feels she cant leave. Help?

– I am about to file for divorce & I want full custody but my ex will fight me on this. What can I do?

– I am about to file for divorce. What are the steps of a divorce? And how long will it take?

– I am divorced. I don’t have kids. I have moved 3 times but my ex tracks me down and wont leave me alone.  What can I do?

– Found out that my ex was hiding significant sums of money in our divorce. Can I do anything to get access to it for my kids?

– In a domestic violence case, does the victim have to attend court in person or can they give evidence on video?

Are you looking for an answer to one of these questions or do you have a divorce or family law question that you need answering?  Our attorneys can help.  Ask your New Jersey divorce question online and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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