Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Hosts Parental Alienation Workshop with Lakewood Therapist Nina Kaweblum

parental alienation workshop in FreeholdParental alienation can have both devastating and lasting effects on parent-child relationships, so what can you do to protect yourself and your children from the destructive actions of an alienating co-parent?

To help parents answer this question, on July 28, Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC’s Freehold office hosted a parental alienation workshop led by therapist Nina Kaweblum, LCSW, MA, MEd. Over the course of the seminar, Ms. Kaweblum, a therapist based in Lakewood who serves as a custody evaluator for the Ocean County courts, helped participants understand how to recognize and address signs of parental alienation and also learn steps for protecting and repairing their relationships with their children. Family law attorney Robyn Howlett, who heads up Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group’s Freehold office, was on hand to provide feedback on legal questions related to parental alienation and the legal remedies parents can seek to safeguard their children and parental rights. Ms. Kaweblum and Ms. Howlett answered audience questions throughout the evening’s event.

The tremendous feedback received from workshop participants shows just how needed information about parental alienation is for struggling co-parents:

“This seminar was perfect for me. I came away with a useful plan for home and had some of my legal questions answered. A very worthwhile 90 minutes. Highly recommended.”

“Key takeaways for me? To  focus on what I can control…my own goals with my kids, rather than engaging in blame or constant war with an aggressive ex.”

“I found this seminar invaluable: not only did I get a greater understanding of how I can help my children, but I also got to speak to an attorney afterwards to find out where I stand legally.”

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC is pleased to have played host to such a powerful, dynamic workshop that was so well-received. We wish to thank Ms. Kaweblum for taking the time to share her considerable talents and empowering knowledge with our audience. We also thank Robyn Howlett for providing excellent legal information.

We look forward to future workshops to address other “hot button” topics on the minds of divorced co-parents and others just embarking on the divorce process. Please stay tuned for future event announcements.

Are you experiencing parental alienation? Learn more about the legal options available to safeguard your children, and your place in their lives. To receive a personalized legal strategy for your situation,  please contact us today to schedule an initial, confidential consultation with one of our highly skilled family law attorneys.

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