First Meeting With Your Attorney

Matrimonial Law Attorney

It’s important to choose an attorney that you feel comfortable with; you’ll be sharing intimate details of your financial situation and working with someone who can be professional and sensitive will be necessary.

Before the first meeting with your attorney, you want to make sure you have the required documents and information; not only will it be important to maximize each session with your attorney, but you also want to make sure your attorney understands your financial situation as well as you do. They are your representative through the divorce proceedings.

Basic financial information will need to be provided; documents like bank statements, social security reports, tax returns, etc. It is also suggested you have property information ready to share with your attorney. These documents should detail any homes that you and your spouse currently own together, valuable antiques of heirlooms, and vehicles. Information on what is money is owed in the form of loans, credit card balances, and the like, will have to be disclosed early on in the proceedings, as well as any legal documents like wills and of course…prenuptial agreements.

Besides financial and property information, you should also have a general answer for questions regarding children (where they will living after divorce is finalized), spousal support, what will happen to the primary home (will it be sold?), and whether the insurance beneficiaries will need to be changed on the insurance forms.

The legal process may seem complicated but your attorney is there to help guide you. The more detailed information you can share with them, the better.