Beginning the End of Your Marriage

No one gets married and assumes they will one day have to deal with divorce, but sometimes, unfortunately, despite your best efforts and intentions, the marriage is over; so you’re getting divorced…now what? Starting the divorce process can be overwhelming for a lot of people, but with a basic knowledge of the system and the general process, you can save yourself unnecessary stress and concentrate on what is really important—healing.

Most people look into the New Jersey divorce process with tons of questions about the overall cost, status of their finances, and how to begin what—at first glance—seems like a complicated and involved process.  Divorce is difficult enough without the added legal headaches; if there is a positive side to be seen, it is that skilled  New Jersey Divorce lawyers can painlessly guide you through this process.

The divorce process officially begins when one spouse files a “Complaint for Divorce” document, making them the “plaintiff,” and the other spouse, the “defendant,” files a response (which could mean filing for divorce on their own set of grounds).

The New Jersey Divorce process seems more complicated than it actually is. Divorce means changes for you and your family, and the decision to end your marriage comes with a lot of thought and personal reflection. Caring professionals will be able to assist you with the legal proceedings with sensitivity; contact Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, LLC for more information on how to start the process and get your family looking toward the future.