How To File For Divorce – Free Webinar

free webinar - file for divorce

How to file for divorce…. and what to watch out for!

You have made the decision to file for divorce and a million questions are running around in your head. What should I do? How do I protect myself? Where do I begin? How do I file for divorce in New Jersey?

On Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 12:30pm, Weinberger Divorce and Family Law Group will be hosting a a free, LIVE 30-mintue webinar where you will find out about filing for divorce in New Jersey and get your burning questions answered! Find out:

      • What are the different grounds for divorce and why choosing the wrong ground could cost you time and money!
      • When is the best time to file for divorce for your family, and how getting the timing wrong could cost $thousands
      • How to choose the best divorce attorney for you
      • The best ways to negotiate and work out your issues with your spouse,
      • And, more!!

From those who are only contemplating for divorce to those who may already be involved in the divorce process, this webinar will give you the answers you need. .

Guest list is confidential. Use the messaging function to ask your questions and we will answer you LIVE!

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