Top 3 Signs You Could Be a Victim of Parental Alienation

victim of parental alienationAre you wondering if you’re the victim of parental alienation? Most co-parents slip up from time to time and bad-mouth their ex to their kids. But that’s different from launching a campaign to destroy one parent’s relationship with their children. Read on to learn the signs of parental alienation.

Your child rejects you. All children get angry with their parents, but this kind of anger is generally in reaction to specific events – losing screen privileges, for instance — and is fleeting. An alienated child’s parental rejection, on the other hand, is profound and pervasive. They reject all demonstrations of love. They defy your authority. In extreme cases, they hate anyone associated with you, even formerly beloved grandparents. Sometimes the hatred develops almost overnight; the child who used to beg for hugs and bedtime stories now wants nothing to do with you. This total rejection happens when your child aligns with the alienating parent. Psychologically, they are unable to love both parents, so they choose the one who insists on total allegiance.

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Your child mimics the alienating parent. Does your child sound exactly like your ex? Does he or she appear to be reading from a script – that’s all about how terrible you are? One effect of parental alienation is that the child doesn’t develop critical thinking skills. The alienating parent bombards them with propaganda, which they believe to be the truth. When your child utters phrases that don’t seem like his own, or complains about the very same things your ex does, it’s likely they’ve succumbed to brainwashing. 

Your ex launches a campaign against you. Do you feel that your ex is waging the equivalent of a political smear campaign? Has he or she spread lies about you to your child’s teachers and doctors? Has she convinced former friends that you’re some combination of evil, crazy, and stupid? Alienating parents are adept at taking seeds of truth – you forgot to pack your child’s lunch one day — and spinning them into distorted narratives to make it appear that your kids are routinely going hungry due to your negligence. 

Being the victim of parental alienation can make you feel scared and powerless. So how do you combat an ex who seems determined to destroy you? The first step is to educate yourself about the signs of parental alienation. Then you can learn strategies to for overcoming alienation and repairing your relationship with your children.

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